27 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Cases Around The Globe Touches 2.2 Million

There has been still a rise in covid-19 cases around the globe.  With all the efforts from all the Government of the various countries around the world the covid-19 spread still not been stopped and it is still rising.

The total numbers of positive patients around the globe are now 2.9 million people who have been affected with this disease.  Even as 8,60,000 people have recovered from the disease still the fatalities is much higher. 

Around 206000 people have lost their life till now around the globe with this covid-19.  

United States of America now nears 1 million positive cases with this disease.  Around 55, 415 people have lost their life till now in US alone.  

From India even as India touches 28000 mark in the covid-19 positive cases.  

A good news has been coming from India where convalsecent plasma therapy has saved a life of a man suffering from covid-19 infection.  This is the first case in India which has recovered through this technique.

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