13 Apr 2020

Dreams Seen With Open Eyes Tend To Conquer World:- Will Indian Economy Boom?

Sometimes there is a huge difference between reality and motivation.  Right now if we say you that there will be a time when the economy of our country will boom you will not believe.  

There has always been a saying dreams when seen by open eyes turns reality from dimensions.

This is so true there was a time when Japan after being destroyed in Hiroshima Nagasaki and its economy was totally shutdown.  

But Japan revolted back and short America that nothing is impossible.  Japan become so powerful in the science and technology field that even America bowed in front of Japan.

Same way if you take example of Israel, Israel being a very small country and encircle by Arabs which never let it change its structure in developed Nations.  But it did and revolted and now Israel has been counted in most advanced and accepted Nations.

Same way with the time when India was considered been in a cold war with America and some other rest of nations of the globe.  

It was never dreamt that one day America will bow down and ask for help and appreciate India in front of the whole world.  

But it happened as just now we have seen that America has bowed down in front of India and had asked for medicines and other supplies and later on has all the praises for the country.

It doesn't matter how an expert feel but sometimes what an expert says never happen.  Experts for confident that India cannot win World Cup in 1983 as we didn't had the team and an expertise but India won.

Like ways experts never thought that Arunima will conquer Mount Everest since she was unable to walk on a simple floor but she proved experts wrong and did conquered Mount Everest.

Same way is the Indian economy if the decisions taken at the right time and with the right mind set Indian economy will boom and it will be on the top of all the countries of the world.

These are the visions of Ratan Tata the CEO and managing director of Tata industries who says to dream big and achieve what you have dreamt with open eyes.

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