13 Apr 2020

Who Is Kavita Bhabhi Aka Kavita Radheshyam

Nowadays web series Kavita Bhabhi has been talk of the town and today we are going to tell who is Kavita Radheshyam, the actress of Kavita Bhabhi.

She is not be a familiar name in the tinseltown but she has gathered lot of attraction and status of her own.  She is Kavita Radheshyam born on 31st December 1984 in Mumbai.  She received a degree in acting from an institute in 2009.  

She had started her career with the short films made and Subhash Ghai whistling Woods International.  She started off her career as a Bollywood actress bada building in Vikram words thriller TV series Who Done It Uljhan.

She has first gain attention by participating in a semi nude photoshoot to protest against animal cruelty in India.  Later she appeared more in semi nude photographs which circled internet and were later confirmed as fake and arrest have been made in that.

She has also featured in Hindi language and Kannada films.  She was also given a chance to be a wild card entry in the six season of Big Boss reality show which she declined.  

She was also approached for a role in Kamasutra 3D but she refused.  

Her famous movies are with film director Faisal Saif which included  Paanch ghante mein  paanch crore, Main Hun Rajnikanth, Amma and Shrap 3D which is under production.

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