14 Apr 2020

PM Modi Addresses The Nation And Extends The Lockdown Till May 03, 2020

Today Prime Minister Modi has addressed the nation and in his address has extended the lock down 18 days more and now the lock down will last till May 3rd 2020.

The lockdown has been extended keeping in view rise in the cases of covid-19.  After April 20th the lockdown will be released in some cases with regulations.

Prime Minister Modi has also told that there is an ample amount of medical amenities, PPE kits, ventilators and food supply.  The country now has around 10,000 Corona positive cases and the country is having around 1,00,000 beds in hospitals to treat covid-19 cases.

Prime minister has also said that from now on the lockdown will be more severe as now the countries facing covid-19 cases and to stop the spread lockdown has to be severe.

PM Modi has also thank people and the citizens of the country for their help and support to make lockdown a success.  

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