29 Apr 2020

Goa Had Sealed All Borders Before Lockdown And Now Stands First In COVID-19 Free State

Speaking to ANI Superintendent of Police North Goa Utkrisht Prasoon has said that closing borders and stick follow of lockdown made Goa free from covid-19 pandemic.

Today Goa has been totally free from covid-19 pentamix and not a single person there has now been affected.  Goa had lockdown all the borders and shut down all the premises days before the lockdown was announced in the country.

The state government has also sealed all the its borders for the entry of visitors to the state.  Vehicular traffic was also stop from Karnataka and Maharashtra as these states were worst affected with covid-19 pandemic.

Multi department team were formed and placed on the borders of Goa to stop all type of traffic and entry points of the state.

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