29 Apr 2020

Asteroid 2020 HS7 Passing Our Planet At 3:26 PM IST

In minutes from now at around 3:26 p.m. Indian standard Time giant asteroid around 1.2 miles wide will fly why Earth but it is not on a destructive path.

The asteroid will be passing the earth its path is very near but it is not on a destructive mode.

According to a report issued by NASA the Asteroid 2020 HS7 will safely pass Earth today at around 3:26 p.m. IST at a distance of 23,000 miles or 36,400 kilometres from the Earth surface.

However, this asteroid possess no danger to the earth.  Before also many asteroids of this size do pass our earth every month.

But what has attracted to this news is that this is a first time that an asteroid such a big in size has been passing the earth at a very near distance.

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