2 Apr 2020

Horrifying Situation Across The World In Covid-19 Cases

There have been alarming rise in the covid-19 cases from around the globe.

With Spain touching the highest death toll by this disease.  According to reports the death toll ine Spain has touched 10,000 mark.

The total number of of positive cases from covid-19 around the globe has surpassed 9,50,000.  With more than 48,000 fatalities.  This is the worst phase of world and is also termed as more worst than World war 2.  

The people who have recovered from this dreaded disease numbers in 1,93,000.

China in Shenzhen state has banned the consumption of meat of dogs and cats.

In Australia around 1 million families will receive free childcare from government.

Filipino President have said that the wire letters who violates lock down period will be shot immediately.

UK has recorded more than 500 deaths in a single day.

Death toll in Iran has also exceeded 3000.

In an horrifying incidents US as expected 1,00,000 to 2.40 lakh deaths estimated deaths in the country.  This may also termed as the most horrifying and worst period in US history.

World economy is going to be worst hit in this hour.  With most of the countries of the world will go in deep recession.

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