28 Apr 2020

Is Indore Deadliest Type Of Virus Of COVID-19 Behing Deaths Occuring There

As per reports experts are saying that covid-19 strain which is causing havoc in the city of Indore maybe a most deadliest of all covid-19 tested so far in the country.

The samples of the patients suffering from covid-19 from Indore has been taken and send to National institute of virology best in Pune for testing so that a complete information can be brought down in the cases coming up in Indore.

Doctors which are treating covid-19 cases in Indore has said that the virus is more virulent strain which is right now making havoc in the city of Indore which is now the Epic centre of covid-19 in the country.

The results of the test are awaited from National institute of virology Pune as it is yet to ascertain S2 real fact what is causing deaths in last number in the City.

Till now 60 persons have lost their lives while being treated in Indore due to covid-19 pandemic.  The ratio between deaths and the people who have recovered is much higher as many people are losing their life by this virus in Indore city.

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