28 Apr 2020

Quarantined Centers Becomes Recreational Centers To Boost Energy Among Covid-19 Suspects In MP

Reports having coming in from Madhya Pradesh where quarantined centers have become recreational centre for people living there.

By these activities people living in quarantine centers are getting stronger day by day.

These type of recreational activities started at 18 quarantine centers in Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain city. In order to maintain the morale of the people living in these centers, the Madhya Pradesh government is conducting awareness in raising and recreational activities in these centers. 

The public relations department has started organizing these awareness and recreational activities so that the people living at these institutional quarantine centers enjoy these activities.

 To stop the spread of covid-19 suspected patients are living in these quarantine centers for many days and due to limited activities and staying away from their families, they may develop stress, anxiety and depression.  They can be restless.  Awareness and recreational activities are being organized at quarantine centers so that these people can get relief from stress and get emotional support.

In these centers information is also given to prevent corona pandemic.  The outline of these activities has been designed in such a way that along with entertainment they can get information about the prevention of corona infection and the efforts being made by the government in this direction. 

Entertainment is provided by various sports and television progam.  Television sets with cable connections have been installed at these institutional quarantine centers in which people living here can entertain by watching movies, songs etc.  In order to conduct indoor sports activities at these centers, kits of sports equipment have also been provided. 

Recreation is done through singing etc. Institutional quarantine center is  organizing  orchestration, singing, bhajans, puppets, magic, qawwali, mushaira, mimikri, comedy programs such as entertaining motion methods.  

A coordinator has also been appointed at each center to ensure that all programs are conducted in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Health Department for prevention of corona infection along with social distancing.

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