28 Apr 2020

Serum Institute Of India, Pune To Manufacture Covid-19 Medicine

According to latest reports coming in serum institute of India has collaborated with Oxford University of United Kingdom to develop a vaccine for the treatment of covid-19 pandemic.

Right now the vaccine is under human test which has been done on two persons and both of them are fine in United Kingdom.  

After the successful result of the test manufacture of covid-19 vaccines will be done.

In India serum institute of India has collaborated in the manufacture of this vaccine with the UK Government.

Serum institute of India Private limited is a biotechnology company and it operates to produce Polio, diphtheria, tetanus, mums, HIV, BCG, hepatitis, measles and rubella vaccines.

However as per the founder members of this company does not intend to make this vaccine as the patent vaccine of the company.

Once this vaccine comes into market then the name of the country will shine above all the countries of the world as this will be the first Indian company to produce and manufacture covid-19 medicine.

The manufacture of this medicine will start in around 2 to 3 weeks.  If human results of this vaccine is successful than this vaccine mein hit the market in the coming October and then the world will be free from this pandemic.

The CEO of this Pune based company Aadar PoonaWala has said that our company has been working in close contact with Dr. Hill and in the coming two to three weeks the production of this injection will start in our company.

In the first six months the production will be around 50 Lakh medicines per month which will be later increased and then it will be around 1 crore medicines per month.

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