3 Apr 2020

Low Cost Ventilators Prepared By AgVa Healthcare In Association With Maruti Suzuki

India has achieved major success in developing ventilator at a low cost.  Cost of these ventilators are ₹ 1.50 Lakh.

These ventilators have been developed by AgVa healthcare.  According to reports coming in AqVa Health care have joined hands with Maruti and has speed up the production of these ventilators.

Spokesperson of healthcare has said that with the help of Maruti Suzuki limited the company has increased the production of the ventilators from 200-300 to 20000 ventilators per month.

The demand for these ventilators have searched high because of the present prevailing condition of the onset of coronavirus. 

USA has also Congratulated India for preparing this low cost ventilator.

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