22 Apr 2020

Maulana Saad Asks All Muslims To Donate Blood To Save Others

Maulana Saad who had been in news for misleading the Muslims and asking them not to follow Indian Government orders and also giving hate speeches for the Government of India.

He had also been booked buy Delhi Police and Markuz building incident.  

After FIR has been done by Delhi Police now he has opted to support the government and follow all the rules and regulations at this point in the period of lockdown.

Yesterday he appeal to all muslims and member of Tablighi Jamaat and to all those who had recover from covid-19 infection to come forward and donate their blood.

He had asked every Muslim to come forward and donate blood so that plasma could be taken out from it and the lives of other people should be saved.

He had asked all the jamaat workers and Muslims to come forward and donate plasma so that the lives of other people could be saved.

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