12 Apr 2020

New York Suspends Current School Sessions Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

There have been a large scale recession coming in education sector across the globe.  

As many education societies and education organisations have been closed temporarily due to Corona outbreak.

This has been widely prevalent in New York as in York city schools have been shut down from March 16th 2020.  

And now the administration of New York has taken a decision to suspend the session as New York is witnessing large number of deaths.

Corona virus has hugely impacted the education system of various countries of the world.  The mayor of New York city have decided to suspend this session of schools in New York.

This decision will affect 1.1 millions students in New York.  This was announced by the mayor yesterday at a press briefing where Mayor said that the schools will not be opening for the rest of session which last till June.

And now the new session will commence as per usual from September 2020.

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