16 Apr 2020

Rahul Gandhi:- Root Level Eradication Be Done For COVID-19

As per reports coming in Congress leader Rahul Gandhi met the media through the process of video conferencing and expressed his views for the spread,treatment and precautions on covid-19.

As per reports he said that the lockdown only is not any remedy for the speed of covid-19.  Strict actions have to be taken to stop the spread of covid-19.

He further stated that government should initiate individual checking of the country.  

If the government starts to check each and every house and person for the covid-19 test then the spread of this pandemic could be limited.

He also states that only lockdown of the country is no remedy and strict actions have to be taken to boost the economy of the country as well.  Since at this time many people will be jobless.

The government should initiate proper funding of root level administration so that the poor people who are not listed in the the poverty line list may also have food to eat.

He further added that initiative had to be done to start the work from root level and not from top level.

He emphasised on the checking of each and every person so that we must not run behind the virus but we may eradicate it from the very beginning.

He also emphasized that we as variius political parties should stand united to fight this dreaded disease.  This is the time that everyone should show unity then only we can fight against this virus.  What had to be done and not done doesn't matter right now.  Now we should look forward to stop this disease from spreading.

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