16 Apr 2020

Relaxation Given To Various Sectors After April 20, 2020

The government has decided tu to relax lockdown in some of the services after April 20, 2020.

This relaxation will include loading and unloading of trucks and heavy vehicles from one state to another so that the goods may reach various States.

Now it will be allowed that every truck can have two drivers and one helper after April 20.  This has been done so that more drivers could reach the stranded trucks.

Currently only one driver and one helper is allowed in an empty truck.  relaxation is very crucial to facilitate goods trucks from one state to another.  This will supply adequate amount of supplies from one state to another.

The government has also relaxed all the facilities in the supply of essential goods.  That includes manufacturing, wholesale and retail goods. 

Also it has been decided to exclude E-Commerce society and companies and allow them to facilitate people according to their time from morning till evening.

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