22 Apr 2020

Ratan Tata:- Today's Slums Are The Wake Up Call For Our Country

Reports having coming in from Mumbai where chairman of Tata Group Ratan Tata has said that Covid-19 crisis in slums should be a wake up call for everyone.

Right now Dharavi biggest slum area of Asia is a hot bed for covid-19 infection.  There have been increasing infection of covid-19 in Dharavi with more than 168 people being confirmed positive with this virus.  These numbers include 30 positive cases which were added on Monday and 11 death till date.

With poor sanitation and people closely residing in these areas this pandemic should be a wake up call for planners and administrators of Mumbai slums.

Ratan Tata has shared his views at the virtual panel discussion organised by CorpGini.  Ratan Tata has also added that this is for the first time the close proximity and low value structures that we have earlier built are our root cause for this new problem.  

He said that the last few months have taught us that we are suffering because of our close proximity.

On the questions arising for the relocation of the slums Ratan Tata added that the government is planning to have an affordable housing slum elimination. 

In this the administration is trying to remove slum by moving them to another location.  Slums are residue and we are building a vertical slum.

Ratan Tata had concluded that the happenings which had been seen in the last few months have been a wake up call for us since we had seen that a disease could run around the globe and totally changing the dimensions of how we think and what we do.

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