22 Apr 2020

Sufi Hayat Controversial Posts On Instagram

Ex bigg Boss contestant who is known for her controversial statements and controversial image again been on a limelight.

We are talking about none other than Sofia Hayat who is an ex bigg Boss contestant and who in the past also has shared controversial statements for the country and the people living in.  

This is the actress who had created controversy why suddenly announcing that she will become an a nun has now landed into legal trouble.

This time Sofia Hayat has posted a picture on her Twitter handle in which she is seen semi naked standing in front of a painting in which Om is written.  She had also called her self the naked goddess  Her this post viraled in few minutes on the internet.

Her this act did not go well with the readers and she was soon slammed for her controversial post.  This did not ended here as she has now landed in the legal battle for her post for offending religious sentiments.

Soon after her this post a person informed on his Twitter handle that he has lodged a complaint against Sofia Hayat for hurting religious sentiments by her post.

He also added that he had filed an online complaint against Sufi Hayat for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.  He had further added that Sufi Hayat had been continuously insulting God and goddesses of Hindus.

He had requested officials to take appropriate steps against Sufi Hayat

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