4 Apr 2020

Remarkable Changes In The Country's Weather And Pollution

Pollution which had swept away many memories and beautiful locations due to to lock down of the country has somehow subsided.

The country's capital Delhi one of the most polluted City in the country e and in Asia now gives a clearer view and the air of the city has been afresh.

Apart from Delhi many other cities of the country have also shown remarkable changes in the weather as well as sky.

One such city which has shown remarkable change in its weather and pollution is Jalandhar which is known as the most crowded and city with numerous factories which increases the pollution of the city.

Here mountain ranges of Himalayas could be seen with the naked eyes from Lamba pind area in Jalandhar.

Since the city e now has zero pollution because all the factories as well as extra vehicular activities have closed does it had cleared the sky of the city.

This lockdown might has affected the economy of the country but it has given the weather of the country and their of the cities aprilia and pollution free area to breathe in.

Most cities have now seen extinct birds and animals which were rarely seen in the cities.

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