21 Apr 2020

Rudratej Singh CEO BMW India President Passes Away At The Age Of 46

A heart-wrenching news from New Delhi coming in where BMW India President and Chief Executive officer Rudratej Singh has passed away Monday morning.

Spider pose coming in Rudratej Singh most foundly called Rudy has passed away at the age of 46.  A massive heart attack has been the reason behind his passing away.

He had joined BMW in August 2019 and was the first Indian President and CEO of BMW in India.

Before BMW I had also worked in Hindustan lever and then joint royal Enfield where he has been the President of flagship motorcycle business.

Now when the country has been in an immense pressure because of the lockdown and auto industry has been facing reccession.  

His sad demise will be a set back to auto industry as now auto industry has lost a true leader who could have brought a change in the industry.

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