26 Apr 2020

Singapore University Announces Downfall Of COVID-19 From India

Recent survey by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has said that India will be free by covid-19 pandemic by May 20, 2020.  

This survey was done by Artificial Intelligence technique.  As before the countries who are tested covid-19 positive, their graphs show the decline in the covid-19 pandemic after a limited period of time.

Along with India many other countries who are suffering with covid-19 pandemic will also see the decline in the cases and a complete eradication of covid-19 from their country.

The theory by SUTD was backed up by the study of covid-19 infection in various countries.  This pandemic had taken a turn towards its eradication in some countries and head follows a certain pattern in the graph of its spread.

Even Government of India has said that if the lock down period may be increased by May 16, 2020 then the country may see a downfall in the covid-19 infection.

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