20 Apr 2020

Smriti Thakkar Becomes First Woman To Donate Her Plasma To Cure Other Patients

Smriti Thakkar has become the first woman who had donated her plasma through blood donation to cure other infected patients of covid-19 infection.

This is the first time when in Gujarat a Corona infected patient who has now been recovered fully by this disease has donated her plasma so that the lives of other patient could be saved by plasma therapy.

Plasma therapy is a therapy in which any person who had been infected by covid-19 and that person antibodies fought against this disease and had recovered by this disease.  Plasma of that person is taken so that the anti bodies which have faught against covid-19 could be injected to the infected person to treat him/her against this dreaded disease.

Right now states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi sought the permission of health department to use plasma therapy to treat the patients infected by covid-19.

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