20 Apr 2020

Delhi Police:- Maulana Saad Have To Be Appear And Allow Covid-19 Test In Govt Hospital

Reports have been coming in from New Delhi where Maulana Saad chief of Markuz building have been asked by the Delhi Police to conduct Corona test from a government hospital in Delhi.

As per reports coming in Maulana Saad who have been wanted by police officials in Delhi for his roll in the tablighi jamaat gathering has been absconding since then.

His lawyers had already approached Delhi Police with his hand written letter saying that he has been quarantine and will cooperate in the case.

This letter of Maulana Saad was rejected by Delhi Police saying that he did not attempted to come to Delhi police office personally and be part of the investigation going on in the Tablighi Jamaat Makuz building case.

The court has also directed Delhi Police to arrange for medical test and covid-19 test in any of the government hospitals in Delhi for Maulana Saad.  And if the government hospitals may not be in the position to do the test then the test may be done from AIIMS Delhi.

An official of Delhi Police have said that Maulana Saad along with his associates are required to co-operate with the Delhi Police and have to answer the questions of Delhi Police which is related to Markuz building.  

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