12 Apr 2020

Will President Rule Be Imposed In Madhya Pradesh Amid Lockdown

Madhya Pradesh is struggling with Corona crisis at this time.  Corona cases are constantly increasing in the state.  In the meantime, another news has emerged in the Corona crisis.  Senior advocate of Madhya Pradesh Congress and Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha has written a letter to the President, demanding imposition of President's rule in Madhya Pradesh.  In the letter, he has expressed concern over the political circumstances of Madhya Pradesh.

 According to the letter, Vivek Tankha has said that Madhya Pradesh is currently struggling with the Corona crisis and in such a situation, CM Shivraj Singh Chaihan is taking all the decisions alone.  The cabinet has not yet been formed in the state.  It is very important to have a cabinet in such a time of Corona crisis.  Seven and a half crore people of Madhya Pradesh are fighting the war against Corona.  In such a situation, imposition of President's rule in Madhya Pradesh should be considered.

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