12 Apr 2020

100 New Cases Of Covid-19 In China

As per latest news coming in from China there have been 100 new covid-19 cases reported in the country.

This has happened when China has open the lock down and now the country is moving freely from one place to another.

Right now the news having coming that these new 100 cases didn't had any history related to covid-19.

What is most shocking is that 60% of these hundred cases didn't had any symptoms covid-19 in the early stages.

These new cases have brought concern among the authorities of Chinese government.  As now the country has been free from lockdown and the citizens are moving from one place to another. Reporting these hundred cases may deteriorate the conditions.

The shocking part of this is that some people reported to have covid-19 didn't show any symptoms in the early stages which has made conditions more vulnerable for the authority to check every person.

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