15 Apr 2020

Worldwide Companies Shut Their Factories From China

As Corona virus has spread all over the globe.  This disease has taken the death toll of more than 1 lakh people across the globe and it is not targeting each and every country.

The exact cause of the origin of this disease is yet unknown but it is a well known fact that it has originated from Wuhan city of China.  

There are contradictory statements regarding the spread of virus from China as people state that it was intentionally spread by China to overcome the world economy and become number 1.

But still Chinese government has now started suffering from the aftermath of this virus.  Many countries who have established their factories in China have now started to move back.

Renowned company of Japan has shut down its factory in China and left more than 1000 people jobless.  

This way many companies from around the globe which had its factories in China has started shutting down and most prominent of this companies are Samsung, some US based companies Nokia etc.

Some of these companies has found other places to start their enterprise like Indonesia and cities of India and US.

The country which has spread death all over the globe is now fighting for the survival of its citizen.  

With most of the factory shutting down their offices it is expected that more than 10,000 Chinese people will be left jobless.

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