12 May 2020

Ajit Jogi Remains Critical

Reports are not favouring Ex Chief Minister Ajit Jogi.  As per sources the condition of Ajit Jogi remains critical and still he is on ventilator support.

Resources he had severe heart attack when he was admitted to the hospital and till now he has not regained his consciousness and he is in coma.  According to Dr Khemka his neurological activity is nil and right now doctors are trying to revive him through audio therapy.

His other vital organs for example heart, lungs, kidney and liver function are stable.  However he is still in a very critical state as he is having nil neurological activity.

He is given audio therapy as doctors are making him to listen to his favourite songs through earphones which are plugged into his ears.  Even after so many efforts of the doctors Ajit Jogi is not responding.

As per reports he had suffered suffered cardiac and respiratory attack on May 9th when sweet tamarind seed struck in his windpipe.

He was the first chief minister of Chhattisgarh when Chhattisgarh was made a separate state from 2000 to 2003.  He was in Congress party at that time.

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