12 May 2020

Toyota Launches Prius To Mark It's 20 th Anniversary Year

Toyota has launched Prius special edition 2 mark 20th anniversary of this car.

In 2001 Toyota launched Prius car which was the first hybrid car in the world.  This car changed trajectory of automative propulsion evolution.

At that time it used Y2K computer glitch technology for the easiest functioning of this car.

Toyota ine all had sold around 6 million vehicles of Prius till now.  It made itself a brand name in hybrid technology.  Around 3.6 million vehicles of this hybrid technology has been sold in US.

Now Toyota has launched Prius 2020 that will be available till 2021 in the market and it will sell around 2020 cars in this anniversary year.

This car will be well equipped with XLE FWD grade.

There will be vibrant colours in this model which will be available available in 2021 supersonic red will be there in this edition including colour eyed spoiler.

This car will also feature 17 inch alloy wheels, black headlights, b pillars and mirror housing.  The key will be insignia key.  The overall look will be sporty and elegant.

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