18 Jul 2023

Madhya Pradesh: 2 Year Old Girl Who Fell Into Borewell In Vidisha Couldn't Be Saved

Vidisha: A two-and-a-half-year-old girl who fell into a borewell in Vidisha could not be saved. She was pulled out after an 8-hour rescue operation. Then she was sent to Sironj's hospital. Where the doctors declared her dead after investigation.

Dr. Suresh Aggarwal told that the girl had died 3-4 hours before she was brought to the hospital. When the girl was taken out, she had stiffness in her hands and feet. Normally this happens in 10-12 hours after someone's death, but due to the wet soil, her body got stiff after death. From this it is believed that the girl had died inside the borewell itself.

The incident occurred in Kajri Barkheda village on Sironj-Kurwai road, 40 km from the district headquarters. The girl had fallen into a borewell about 15 feet deep built in the courtyard of her house. She was stuck at 13 feet. On the information of the family members, the police, administration as well as the SDERF and NDRF team also reached the spot.


Pit parallel to borewell was dug

A pit parallel to the borewell was dug with the help of JCB and Poklen. Then a tunnel was made and resuers reached the girl child. During this, the doctor was sent to the pit dug parallel to the borewell. The doctor also did the primary examination of the girl there. Due to the rain, there was a problem in the rescue. Although the rescue operation was continued by covering the tarpaulin.

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