19 Jul 2023

Madhya Pradesh: How Sidhi Urination Incident Helped BJP State President VD Sharma Save His Chair


Bhopal: About 2 weeks back BJP appointed new state presidents in four states. Early this month the Bharatiya Janata Party appointed new state chiefs for Punjab, Telangana, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. Along with this, preparations started for the departure of Madhya Pradesh BJP President VD Sharma. It was felt this responsibility could be given to another leader in place of Sharma. 


Meanwhile, there was a urine incident in Sidhi. Due to the alleged association of the accused youth with BJP, the party came on back foot. The BJP suffered losses, but VD Sharma gained. His chair was saved. If everything goes well, he will defiantly remain on his post till the assembly elections.

Brahmins opposed action against Pravesh Shukla

In fact, as soon as the government started taking action against Pravesh Shukla, the accused in the urine scandal, the Brahmins started protesting against it. Due to the victim being a tribal, the state government did not want any laxity in the action. In a hurry, Pravesh Shukla was arrested and NSA was imposed against him. His house was also bulldozed. 


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan honored the victim Dashmat Rawat by calling him to the CM House. The government was afraid of the possible impact on the tribal vote bank due to the incident. But the Brahmins started feeling uneasy with the actions of the government.

The organizations of Brahmins started opposing the actions of the government. Members of the organizations reached the house of Pravesh Shukla and assured him of all possible help along with financial help. Now the government started worrying about the displeasure of the Brahmins. VD Sharma, coming from Brahmin society, got the benefit of this.

Removal of Sharma could have sent wrong message to Brahmins

In fact, the BJP leadership felt that removing VD Sharma from the post at this juncture could send a wrong message to the Brahmin community. If the Brahmin community mobilizes against the BJP in the elections, the consequences for the party can be serious. State level leaders conveyed this concern to the national leadership of the party. 


After this Amit Shah came to Bhopal. He gave advice to the leaders angry with VD Sharma's working style. Then, after holding a meeting with all the big leaders, he gave this message that there will be no change in the state organization for the time being. Sharma was also instructed to take everyone along. 


With this, it was decided that he would continue in his post till the assembly elections are held at the end of the year. An incident which became a problem for the state government and the BJP, helped VD Sharma save his chair.

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