31 May 2020

Chinese Army Deploying Heavy Military Build Up In Ladakh Region

According to reports coming in China has been building up military buildup on its side in Ladakh region.

However there has been an ongoing effort to resolve the issues between India and China over Ladakh region.  Still China has been bringing up Army in large numbers over its side to build up a huge camp and its region in whole Ladakh area.

There has been news coming out from line of actual control that number of chinese army men are present in Chinese border.

As per reports coming in Chinese Government have brought about heavy artillery and infantry combat vehicles which are deployed along the Indian side in Ladakh region.

A large number of a class artillery and heavy vehicles have been seen along with Indian borders which have been stationed around 25 to 30 km along actual line of control.

However talk has been going on between Marshalls of Indian and Chinese side.  It is estimated that Chinese military have in buying itself time to deploy heavy army in the whole area of actual line of control through these talks.

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