26 May 2020

Chinese President Xi Jingping Asks Army To Prepare Itself For Any Situation

Chinese President Xi Jingping has given an interview to a state TV News channel and has said that he had asked his army to prepare for any military combat if necessary in this period of covid-19 pandemic.

Chinese President on Tuesday has said that he had asked his army for the preparedness of military combat if any.  And the country's ability to improve the military task at any point of time.

As reported earlier China has been effectively prepaing to improve its military capability as it has earlier shown with India as well in Sikkim area where Chinese and Indian Army were face to face in an alarming situation.

Chinese president has also stated that the way Chinese army had taken the situation amid covid-19 outspread and army did very well job in combating the situation arising out of covid-19.

He also added that the armed forces should see for new methods and ways of military training to come back any situation arising out of covid-19 and other viruses as well.

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