25 May 2020

Domestic Flights Resumed From Today But With Restrictions

Today after lockdown all over country air travel has started but with restrictions.  These restrictions are done to restrict the outspread of covid-19 pandemic.

Some States which are in green and orange zone have asked for 7 days institutional quarantine and after that home quarantine.  The institutional quarantined will be up a paid quarantine by the passengers.

The passengers coming from Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat will be sent to these quarantine.

Passengers have also been asked to maintain social distancing and where mask all the time while travelling by air.

However elderly people, pregnant women and small kids have been advised not to travel and stay at home and travel only under emergencies circumstances.  

Today all the airports of the country has been decked up as the domestic flights has been resumed by Ministry of civil aviation directions to resume flights after May 25, 2020

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