27 May 2020

Indo-China Trade From June 01, To Be Affected This Year

Since many years India and China used to trade together.  India and China used to trade every year from June 1st.

This trade used to you carry from Lipulekh Pass in Pithoragarh.

But this year this trade will not be happening since of the outspread of covid-19 across the globe.  This trade was very important in India as well as in China but since of covid-19 break this trade has to be stopped.

This trade used to happen between Mansarovar Yatra.  This Yatra crossed between China and India and since Mansarovar has been a very pious place to visit many Indians visit this place at this time.

But with the outbreak of covid-19 this Yatra could not be carried over since India has been under the lock down from March 24.

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