11 May 2020

Indo-Chinese Border Prevailing Tensions Raising Concerns

There have been tensions prevailing between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh and Sikkim area.

Yesterday to add fire to this fuel there was heavy stone pelting between the soldiers of both the countries which left many soldiers injured both the sides.

There have been violent tensions between the soldiers of both the countries since last one week.  Most of the tension have arise from eastern Ladakh where the troops of both the countries have been in a conflict.

This conflict have led for both the countries to send additional troops in these areas in particular.  The Army quickly did the face off and the conflict was resolved by local commanders as per mutually having the dialogues and accepted the protocols through flag meetings.

Aggressive behaviour by the troops of both the sides have led to an increase in the tension in the border areas between India and China.  Generally this type of behaviour occurs in summers as there has always been a misconception about the actual line of Control between both the countries.

This continuous tensions have raised concern among Indian Army security personnel.

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