29 May 2020

Indonesians Returns To Mosques, At A Distance

The guidelines provided by Indonesia's Religious Affair Minister Fachrul Razi has changed many traditions in mosque on Friday. 

One of the changes is that earlier worshippers pray shoulder to shoulder, used to hug and shake hand at the end of prayer with cheek to cheek kisses in common. 

Now as the Mosques are reopening in the world's most populous Muslim nation after few weeks of lockdown due to covid-19.  Muslims in Jakarta were expected during Friday's prayers to stay at least 1 metre apart from each other with no hand shaking.  Children are not allowed to join the prayer. As they are more prone to infection.  

Police and soldiers will be there to ensure health protocol such as social distancing and wearing mask. 

Similar scenes will be seen in other cities of Indonesia. Indonesia President Joko Widodo and his administration said Indonesia will remain productive economically but also be safe from virus. 

He said any new measures to start the so called new normal will be based on epidemilogical data. The government will deploy 3,40,000 security forces to ensure precautions on health rules as country prepares to reopen its economy. 

Indonesia recorded more than 24,500 covid-19 cases on Thursday with nearly 1500 which highest death casualties in southeast Asia.

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