29 May 2020

Amit Shah Briefs PM Modi For The Extension Of Lockdown

Even as the country has been facing acute crisis arising out of the out spread of covid-19.

The lockdown which has been done by the government tu to control the spread of covid-19 will be ending on May 31st, 2020.

Now in the day or two the lockdown will be going to end soon.  Today Union Minister Amit Shah has been in a continuous meeting with different chief ministers of various states of the country.  

With there is an increase cases of covid-19 in different parts of the country and highest cases has been reported from Maharashtra there has been a confirmed indication towards the increase of lockdown period in the country.

However there were some relaxation as we had earlier seen in lockdown 3.0 as well.  

Now the whole dos and don'ts have been prepared by various chief ministers of different states of the country for lockdown 4.0.

Today Union Minister Amit Shah had discussed all the details and criteria for the extension of locked down on May 31st 2020.  

As per reports also Union Minister Amit Shah have disclosed these details with Chief Ministers of various states of the country and as well as Prime Minister Modi.

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