29 May 2020

One Of The Senior Director Level Employee Of Rajya Sabha Tested Positive For Covid-19

Reports have been coming in from Rajya Sabha where one of the Rajya Sabha secretariat employee has been found Covid positive.

As per report a secretariat employee of Rajya Sabha has been found covid-19 on May 28.  This has been the 4th employee testing covid-19 after March 24th when the first lockdown of the country began.

The whole of the Parliament Office has been cordoned of. And sanitization has been done after the official tested positive for covid-19 along with his other family members.

Out of the four officials who tested positive for covid-19 in Rajya Sabha office. Three have contracted the disease on May 3rd when the parliament resumed after the lockdown 2.0 and were on duty.

The official who had been tested positive for covid-19 on May 28 along with his family members is a director level officer and he had contacted the disease in Parliament Office only.

Now two floors of the building of Rajya Sabha has been sealed in order to sanitize and protect others being infected by covid-19.  

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