5 May 2020

Isreal Complete Biological Research of Antibody Of COVID-19

As reported to ANI Israeli defence Minister in Tel Aviv has said that he had witnessed a significant development in the techniques and vaccines of covid-19.

Israeli Defence Minister Bennett has said that country's biological research institute has developed an antibody which will fight against covid-19.

Israel institute of biological research (IIBR) is a secret mission of Israel where new inventions and techniques are developed for the country.  It works under the Prime minister's office and has direct orders from Israel Prime Minister.

This antibody directly attacks the virus of covid-19 and neutralizes it in the body.  The invention as well as as the testing has been completed by IIBR and now the country is starting all the formalities to patent this antibody for its commercial development.

All legal formalities will be done and that the country is very proud of the scientist who have worked a night to bring this antibody into a reality.  This antibody has been tested on rodents which has been successful and now Israel government is planning to launch it in the commercial market.

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