5 May 2020

Martyrdom:- Country And Family Bid Heart Wrenching Farewell To It's Soldiers

India has lost some of the finest gems of the country when these gems sacrifice their lives in saving a family where terrorist attacked and hit themselves in their houses in Kashmir.  

And these gems kept fighting went inside the home to save the Kashmiri family where terrorist were hiding and made this family as their hostage.  And in this combat with terrorist laid their lives for the nation.

But their lives did not go in vain as when their remains came to their houses their loved ones stood proudly with them. The sacrifice by Colonel Ashutosh and Major Anuj raised the value of the country. And it increased value of the martyrdom to the country and the people of the country.  

The country is being blessed by the woman who had send her son to serve the nation with his blood.  Countries also blessed with a wife who stood bold and smiled when the mortal remains of her husband came to her house.  She is none other than the wife of Colonel Ashutosh Sharma who sacrifice his life in serving the nation.  She gave her brave husband a final farewell with a smile, not a wet eyelid.  Daughter of Colonel Ashutosh Sharma also an innocent girl who confesses Papa's last sign with a smile on his uniform.

When the mortal remains of major Anuj came to home his father who has lost the stick of his old age and his son has given his blood in the service of the nation and to the people living in it.  This sacrifice of the son is priceless antivirus show respect to the sacrifice of his son the father of Major Anuj decorated his medals on the chest while paying his last farewell to Major Anuj, and put a cap of pride on the head.  

Major's sister is also serving in the army.  The uniform hung on her showed the sacrifice of her brother.  

The mother's footsteps in the last journey of her son must have been difficult.  The wife's eyes were surely read somewhere But these emotions didn't stop these people who have lost their loved ones while serving for the nation and they stood boldly for the sacrifice of their dear ones and smile while the last rites were performed.

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