5 May 2020

Special Corona Tax Imposed On Liquor:- The Tax Is 50% to 70%

In consideration with the central government State governments like Delhi and Andhra Pradesh have decided to increase the tax on liquor.

The increase in hike of taxes around 50% to 70% in the price of liquor.  The increase tax will be on account of covid-19 tax.

Chief Minister office in Andhra Pradesh has said that the revised changes in the taxes of liquor has been done to discourage the consumption of liquor in the state.  The revised rates will be effective from today's afternoon.

The tax which has been imposed is named as special Corona free tax.  Even after the increase in the price of liquor long queues could be seen outside the liquor shops since today morning all over the country.

People are standing outside the liquor shops since 4 a.m. today morning as the liquor shop for about to open at 9:00 a.m.  The queues that were seen visible around 1 kilometre long.

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