2 May 2020

Maharashtra To Provide Free Health Insurance To All It's Residents

According to latest reports coming in Maharashtra government will be going to provide free Health Insurance schemes to all its citizens.

Maharashtra which is the worst affected state with covid-19 pandemic with over 11000 patients in the state and over 485 deaths.

So this type of scheme was much awaited by the citizens of the state as they were fighting against this disease.  This will be covered under Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana.  Under this scheme all the people in the state can avail the benefits of free and cashless Health Insurance.

By giving free Health Insurance to all the citizens of the state Maharashtra stands first state in India to take such an initiative.

This free Health Insurance can be availed by every citizen of Maharashtra government by providing documents such as ration card and domicile certificate which is an essential part to apply for the scheme.

In the first phase of this scheme will be going to cover 85% of the population but benefits will be extended to the remaining 15% said Health Minister Rajesh Tope.

To bring this scheme under action the State Government of Maharashtra has signed a MoU with the general insurance public sector association for treatment of covid-19 patients at private hospitals in Pune and Mumbai,  the Minister added.

Earlier around 496 hospitals were covered under this scheme but now over 1000 hospitals will be coming under this scheme.

The hospitals which are not covered under the scheme will have to standardise their treatment fees.


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