2 May 2020

Prakash Javadekar:- Best Time To Grab Opportunities

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has said that the worst is over but still we have to contain the disease.  For that we have to follow all the precautions and safety measures to stop the spread in near future.

The minister has also added that there is a tremendous opportunity for India in the business field around the globe.

He has said that all the foreign investment which were doing investment in China and have now thought of shifting their investments are all welcome in India.  And all efforts are being made to seize this opportunity in our country.

In the past also we have seen that 6 years before they were only 2 mobile factories in the country which has now been increased to 150.

India has also been manufacturing PPE kits, ventilators and also into manufacture of medicines to fight covid-19 cases.

According to Union Minister this is the right time to grab all the opportunities which is coming to the country.  India has managed to save lives and boost economy

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