22 May 2020

Major Airplane Crash In Karachi , Pakistan Carrying Around 100 Passengers

Recent reports have been coming in from Pakistan where an domestic flight which was carrying more than 100 persons has crashed in residential area of Karachi.  

This is one of the major accident that has happened in Pakistan the plane was on a flight from Lahore to Karachi. It was just about to land at the Karachi airport when this accident happened

The airplane had crashed on the houses of Karachi and lot of smoke has been seen coming out of the residential area of Karachi

it is still uncertain to say how many people have lost their life in this accident and how many passengers and how many were the crew.

Aeroplane was of (PIA) Pakistan international airlines.

Local sources residence heard a big toys of crash and when they came out to see a huge black smoke has engulfed the whole area.

the flight was an Airbus a 320 which was carrying around 91 passengers and 7 crore members.  

Local media has reported that the plane crash near the model colony of Karachi just before landing.

ambulance and rescue operations have been deployed to the scene to help the residents and any survivors of the crash.

Pakistan head resume domestic flight operations just this week as a country had is locked on restriction imposed took up the spread of covid-19.

In this PIA and Serene Air were the only airlines which were lying in the routes between Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar and Quetta.

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