22 May 2020

Navy Personnel Asked To Wear Mask That Compliment Their Uniform

To bring uniformity in their personals Indian Navy has asked to all its personnel to wear the mask matching their uniforms.

This has been done to bring uniformity in the uniforms of the Navy personals.

Indian Navy Southern naval command have asked to put on colour coded mask to match their uniform.

As per the instructions issued to the personnel in Kochi based command, the personal has been asked to wear white mask on white uniforms and black or navy blue mask with other ceremonial uniforms.

The defence security cops of fire services who wear brown uniform have been asked to wear brown mask.

Senior officials have put a fine of Rs 200/- for the first time to the personnel who are caught not wearing mask.  And its second time the same personnel is caught without mask then they will have to pay rupees 2,000 as fine.

And the senior officials have said that many a times they were seen wearing colourful mask which was not complimenting with their uniforms.

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