5 May 2020

Ministry Of Railways Had Operated Around 67 Shramik Trains To Facilitate Migrant Workers

According to Ministry of Railways media press briefing it has been reported that till now around 67 Shramik trains have operated in the country.

As reported earlier many migrant workers were stranded in various cities of various states in the country.  And despite their all efforts they were not able to reach their native places.

When the lock down had happened these migrant workers who are working in various other states were left stranded in that state only.

So keeping in view the problems of these migrant workers Government of India decided to run Shramik trains to help these migrant workers reach their native places.

As many as 67 Shramik trains had operated till Monday evening and 21 such trains are also expected to operate till Tuesday night.

Till now around 67000 migrant workers have reached their native places successfully.  These workers will be allowed to reach their home after being quarentined by the state government.

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