10 May 2020

Pakistan Radio Trolled For Wrong Weather Updates Of India

In an another attempt of chasing India Pakistan ended up being trolled in Twitter for its wrong messages.

Pakistan attempted a cat fight against India when Indian government mentioned the weather update of Pakistan occupied Kashmir of Baltistan and Muzaffarabad.  When India mentioned the weather updates of POK, it was sure that Pakistan would retariate.  

And Pakistan did reverted as expected.  But it was Pakistan radio that did all the confusion when it mentioned Ladakh temperature as maximum temperature -4 and minimum temperature -1.

As soon as this weather update came Pakistan radio and Pakistan was heavily trolled by Twitterartis.  Some Twitter users said RIP common sense for Pakistan.

India's action of reporting POK weather was a strong message to Islamabad.  But Pakistan attempt to mention India's weather was a quick reply to India's post which triggered of flurry of funny post.

One of the user has said, "yeah tweet padh ke Pakistan ka maximum aukat aur minimum IQ pata chal gaya hai.

Some Memes also featured Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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