11 May 2020

PM Modi Did 5th Video Conferencing With Chief Ministers Of Various States Of India

Prime Minister Modi has a video conferencing which Chief Ministers of various states of the country.

This was the 5th videoconferencing sofa after the covid-19 break in the country.

PM Modi has retariated to all chief ministers of the states that the way they have been working in this time of need they should continue to do so.  There has been a commendable progress of all the states in this covid-19 pandemic.

PM Modi has said to all the chief ministers of various states of the country to stay the course as we move forward together.

PM Modi has also said that there has been Global recognition of the country in handling the situation arising after the outbreak of covid-19.   

PM Modi also added government of India does appreciate all the efforts which has been done by the Chief Ministers of various states of the country.

Prime Minister Modi was assisted by Finance Minister Nirmala sitharaman, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

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