12 May 2020

PM Modi Speech At A Glance

PM Modi in his speech has said that India is making 2 lk PPE kits and 2 lk N95 masks daily.  Before covid everything was exported.

India is one of the most emerging nations right now.  Indias work and deeds are appreciated around the globe.

Tb, malnutrition and polio the work done by India is commendable.
International yoga divas is given by India

By these steps India is appreciated all over the globe.  World is now convinced that India now could do much better than other countries.

130 crores Indians unity is the base to this change.  Time has changed now.  Today India is moving towards development.

Y2K problem in the beginning of this century was tackled by India.  We will make products out of waste and increase the technology.

We have faced and overcomed so many crisis in the past also and changed things to positivity. 

If we take the task and work for its accomplishment we can make India self independent.

Economy:- not incremental change but quantam change
System: technology driven tasks
Demography:- India is the largest democracy
Demand:- our economy major task.  As we have to increase the demand. And every stake holder to work to improve supply chain. We should increase every industry.

Atma nirbhar bharat abiyan:-  economic package is announcing.  Worth rs 20 lakh crore.  And is 10% of India's GDP.

It will be given to business industry.  It will change the way India will move.  In this land, labour, liquidity and laws is taken in view.

It will cover all small scale Industries and other industries.  This will be for farmers and small industries.  This will be for middle class people.  It will be for Indian industries.  From tomorrow finance minister will details point by point this package.

In last 6 years the reforms had brought India in the upfront. And the money central government sent was given directly to people.  

These reforms will be carried out to farmers.  Make in India Sankalp will be retariated now.  All industries will get help from the govt now. 

Now global supply chain will be the tasks of India.  As this will develop the qualities and supply of product of India.

Indians were tested in these period of lockdown.  Poor people have suffered a lot in this lockdown. Now it is our commitment to make them powerful and make them self independent.

Corona pandemic had taught us local manufacturing, supply chain , marketing.  Now we have to make local our standing power.  Big brands were also local once a time.  And branding changed everything and every India have to be vocal for every local and we shod market our local products.

PM Modi is proud that when khadi and handloom workers were supported by the country when I had asked people to do that.  And people supported.  

Now Corona will stay here for a while but our life can't be around corona only.  And we should social distancing and sanitation be done.  And all the details of lockdown 4 will be informed by May 18.  What we have is our priority and is our motive.

21st century is our Country's century.  And now our country will advance with new horizons, technology and development.

Now bharat will be self independent and self developed.  Now I wish the country to stay safe and stay protected.

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