18 May 2020

Seven Including Four Kids Of A Family Burnt To Death In A Paint Shop In Their Three Storeyed Building In Gwalior

Reports have been coming in from Gwalior where seven members of a family were charred to death when a paint shop on their ground floor of their house caught fire.

As per reports coming in seven members of a family including three children were burnt to death in their house in Roshni Ghar Road inderganj market in Gwalior early morning today.

According to a fire police department officer the fire which started at around 10:00 a.m. in the morning took 2 hours to be brought under control.

One of the family member of the deceased shared that the fire started by short circuit in the electric metre in the morning in the ground for of the paint shop.

Paint and thinner which is highly inflammable caught fire immediately and the Three storey building was engulf in fire thus trapping the family members in the first and second floor of the building.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan have extended help to family of the deceased members by announcing 2-2 lakh Ex gratia payment to the next of the kin.

The people who lost their life in this fire were:-  

4 year old Aaradhya daughter of Sumit Goyal, Aryan the 10 year old son of Saket Goyal, 13 year old Shubhi Goyal daughter of Shyam Goyal, Shyam Goyal wife 37 year old Aarti Goyal, 60 year old Shakuntala Goyal wife of Jaikishan Goyal, 33 year old Priyanka Goyal wife of Saket Goyal, 55 year old Madhu Goyal wife of Hariom Goyal are among the dead.

Among them three other persons are also seriously injured. Out of three  two persons Saket Goyal 36 and Hariom Goyal 62 have been seriously injured.  Seven year old girl Gauravi Goyal daughter of Shyam Goyal is stated to be out of danger and in a stable condition.

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