8 May 2020

TATA CEO Ratan Tata Invests Stake In 18 Yr Old Boy Pharma Start Up Company

According to reports coming in Tata group chairman Ratan Tata has invested a stake in generic medicine startup by 18 year old youth.

As per reports coming in Ratan Tata has showed interest in the startup which has been done by 18 year old boy who had came up with an idea to start a business of buying generic medicine directly from the manufacturing company and selling it directly to the the retail customers.

By this way of selling medicines directly to the retail customer the 16% to 20% margin of distributors is wiped off and by this way the price of medicine which reaches retail customers is low.

These pharmacies are single medicine stores which would otherwise face competition with other big brands and online distributors.

The 18 year old boy Arjun Deshpande is the founder as well as CEO of the company.  This 18 year old boy started this company 2 years back with the name to provide affordable medicine to masses.

According to Arjun Deshpande when Ratan Tata came to know about this project he was very much interested and this project and decided to help the masses with an affordable medicines and be  part of this project so he took a stake in the company.

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